When to Stop Taking Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

DHA ONE® is specifically designed for the nutritional support of mothers through the time of breastfeeding. Breast milk has a high concentration of DHA, an essential fatty acid necessary for the proper development of the baby’s nervous system. If there is not enough DHA intake to match what is being used to produce breast milk, the mother’s body will lose DHA, with some potentially serious effects on health. Supplementing with a high quality, DHA-containing prescription prenatal vitamin such as DHA ONE can help avoid this issue. There are also some mothers who choose to stay on their prescription prenatal vitamin [...]

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The Best Time to Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

From the time we first began marketing prenatal vitamins, we have encouraged mothers-to-be to start taking these vitamins before conception when possible. Now results from a study to be published soon in the journal Epidemiology show that we were right. This study revealed that mothers who took prenatal vitamins during the 3 months before and the first month of pregnancy were significantly less likely to have autistic children than those who did not. I’m confident that other benefits will be demonstrated in subsequent studies. The bottom line is – start taking quality prenatal vitamins such as DHA ONE® before conception [...]

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