Your Questions Answered…

Why should I choose DHA ONE® with Folate as my prenatal vitamin?2019-11-13T21:49:23-06:00

DHA ONE® with Folate is superior to other prenatal vitamins in that it is a once daily, small, easy-to-swallow softgel that provides nutrients essential to the well-being of you and your baby. The ultra-purified DHA in our product means that it is virtually free of the contaminants that may be found in fatty fish with no fishy aftertaste. On top of this, DHA ONE® with Folate incorporates a stool softener to help you avoid the constipation issues that can arise during pregnancy. We have intentionally kept calcium out of our formula, as calcium blocks the absorption of iron, an essential mineral for all pregnant women and their babies. We are also one of the few prescription prenatals that include biotin and iodine in our formula, an essential vitamin for tissue growth and brain development.

Many prenatals make me nauseous. Will DHA ONE® with Folate?2018-03-04T21:04:11-06:00

No, as long as it is taken with food. The vitamins and minerals in DHA ONE® with Folate are the highest quality available, and are forms specifically selected to reduce irritation and possible nausea. Also, we have included vitamin B-6 in DHA ONE® with Folate. Vitamin B-6 helps control nausea during pregnancy. Finally, our ultra-purified DHA means no fishy aftertaste that might contribute to nausea.

Prenatals I have tried in the past have caused constipation because of the iron content. How does DHA ONE prevent this?2019-11-13T21:50:00-06:00

We know that many women experience constipation while pregnant and therefore our Prenatals contain a stool softener in order to discourage unnecessary pregnancy discomfort. We have done everything possible in the development of this revolutionary prenatal vitamin to ensure only the best for both you and your baby.

Isn’t calcium important? Why is this removed from your Prenatal and how will it affect my developing baby?2019-11-13T21:50:59-06:00

Calcium blocks the absorption of iron, a mineral important for all pregnant women and their babies. Obtaining a sufficient amount of iron during pregnancy is essential to the health of both you and your developing baby. Also, prenatals that include calcium have less than 20% of the recommended daily amount needed during pregnancy, so 80% or more of the calcium requirement must be obtained from other sources. Learn more here more about calcium benefits to pregnancy, foods that are a good source of calcium and more detail of why there is no calcium in DHA ONE® with Folate.

Is DHA really that important? What about EPA?2018-03-04T21:03:22-06:00

DHA plays a very important role in the development of your baby’s nervous system. DHA supplementation during pregnancy can decrease the risk of premature labor, and it appears to reduce the risk of postpartum depression. EPA is another essential fatty acid with important functions in the body. It is a good idea to have EPA along with DHA in a prenatal vitamin, as some DHA will be broken down to form EPA when EPA levels are low.

What is the difference in plant based versus fish based DHA?2018-03-04T21:03:09-06:00

Fish-based DHA utilizes the natural food chain for concentration. This is much more efficient and economical than the concentration processing applied to plant-based DHA, so we are able to produce a single piece softgel that is smaller than prenatals with plant-based DHA. While contaminants may be present in the fish that are sources of DHA, our enhanced purification process ensures that these are reduced to levels at or below detection limits.

What is the difference in over the counter versus prescription prenatal vitamins?2019-11-13T21:50:38-06:00

Prescription prenatal vitamins such as DHA ONE® with Folate are able to include more of the key ingredient folic acid (necessary for the prevention of neural tube defects such as spina bifida) than over-the-counter prenatals. Also, prescription prenatals are subject to greater FDA oversight than over-the-counter prenatals. Finally, prescription prenatals typically utilize the optimum forms of the ingredients they contain, while this is not always the case for over-the-counter prenatals.

What are the steps I need to take to get a sample sent to my doctor?2018-03-04T21:05:49-06:00

Just click here to have a free sample sent to your doctor by supplying the information requested.