DHA ONE® is specifically designed for the nutritional support of mothers through the time of breastfeeding. Breast milk has a high concentration of DHA, an essential fatty acid necessary for the proper development of the baby’s nervous system. If there is not enough DHA intake to match what is being used to produce breast milk, the mother’s body will lose DHA, with some potentially serious effects on health. Supplementing with a high quality, DHA-containing prescription prenatal vitamin such as DHA ONE can help avoid this issue.

There are also some mothers who choose to stay on their prescription prenatal vitamin as an ongoing multivitamin supplement, due to the high quality of prescription prenatals. Also, remember that there is nothing about prescription prenatal vitamins that is gender-specific. Because they like our formula so much, some of our prescribing male obstetricians take DHA ONE as their regular multivitamin supplement.